For Rent

Rental Property Business Management System

For Rent is a rental property management system that will handle apartment and single family home rentals for any size property rental business. It features an easy billing system along with vacant unit tracking, out of service unit tracking, occupied unit tracking, work orders for units that need cleaning or repair work before they can be occupied and other reports that keep you up to date on all aspects of your rental business. No spreadsheets to confuse you, just easy to understand reports generated at the click of your mouse from data that's already in the database. There's no limit on the number of rental units so you can use For Rent as long as it fits your needs with no interruption in service. There's never any monthly or annual subscription charges so you don't have to worry about any additional costs to keep using For Rent. This is a great low budget solution that works. Download a free evaluation copy and take it for a test drive. Scroll down for a screen shot!

  • Quick, easy installation and setup

  • Credit card option for payment from your tenants

  • Database backup security

  • Password Protection

  • No monthly or annual subscription fee charges

  • Vacant Unit tracking

  • Out of Service Unit tracking

  • Unlimited records

  • Invoice Statements printed with your business name and address

  • Outstanding account balance tracking

  • Work Orders for maintenance work

  • Reports to keep you up to date on all aspects of your business

  • No spreadsheets to confuse you

  • Enhanced user instructions

  • Runs under Win XP - Win 10

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