Lawn Manager Pro

It's hard to stay organized in a small business, where everybody has a lot of hats to wear, and customers expect your immediate reaction to their needs. If you don't do it, they are off to your competition. For less than the price of one service job Lawn Manager Pro can provide a better workflow, better service to your customers and take your lawn service business to the next level. Managing any service business, you'll need to track schedules, services, watch the payments, and much more. Lawn Manager Pro will help you present a professional appearance to your customers and save you money at the same timeSuccessful management begins with maintaining a firm grip on all areas of your work. Now you can generate reports that will provide you with information that will help you make decisions about your lawn service business.  An efficiently run business is the key to increasing your profits and taking your business to the next level. Another low budget solution from Lazy Bayou that works. Scroll down for a screen shot example.
  • Quick, automated installation and setup
  • Database Backup Security
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Credit Card Processing for quick on-the-spot payments from your customers
  • No complicated spreadsheets to confuse you
  • Straightforward data entry
  • Unlimited number of records for years of use
  • Invoices and receipts with your business name for a professional appearance
  • Professional looking reports generated by the click of your mouse
  • Runs under Win XP - Win 10

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